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Basic Standing Posture to Start Practicing Yoga at Home
Easy Chair Yoga Postures to Release Tension
Correct Sitting Posture to Prevent Back Pain
FREE Video: Yoga postures for Lower Back Pain

This is a brief 12 minute video to help release tightness and tension from the lower back and to help increase mobility and flexibility in the hip joints and thighs.

FREE Video: Yoga movements for Shoulder Pain

This is a 10-minute Simple yoga sequence to release tension in shoulders and neck. The focal point is to reverse a tendency to roll the shoulders forward in combination with increasing the range of movement of the shoulders in order to help the neck relax.

FREE Video: Yoga postures to Improve Shoulder Flexibility

This is a 10-minute clear and simple sequence of exercises to help us explore range of movement in the shoulder, to relax shoulder, neck and upper back and to restore the natural flexibility of the shoulders.

Free Video: Easy Posture to Relax your Back and Shoulders

A simple and effective posture to let go of back and shoulder tension.

Free Video: Yoga Posture to Help Restore Balance in Hips, Legs and Lower Back

This simple posture can help us notice imbalances in Hips, Legs and Back and, at the same time, can help us correct such imbalances.

Free Video: Sequence of Yoga Postures to Prevent Pelvic Imbalance and Reduce Lower Back Pain

This sequence of simple yoga postures in 17 minutes helps you discover and correct imbalances in your pelvis to prevent lower back pain.

Complete Yogic Breathing for calmness, health and concentration

This simple exercise can help you clarify your relationship with you breath and improve your breathing capacity while also relaxing and focusing your mind.

Easy meditation for beginners to relax, reduce stress and calm the mind

This exercise offers easy suggestions to start meditation with a video of a sunset by the ocean. Quite effective to calm, relax and to assist in concentration.

Simple and easy movements for healthy joints

This video offers a very easy and simple sequence of movements to help us keep our joints healthy by maintaining the natural range of movement in our joints.

Suggestions for Meditation

A few simple suggestions to enjoy meditation and its benefits.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Basics

This is a simple, effective and enjoyable technique to improve concentration, coordination and mental processing capacity.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Combining Horizontal and Vertical

Expanding our repertoire and therefore our abilities through putting two simple patterns together.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Modified Initial Position

When you know the basics and want to add slightly more complexity to enhance improve concentration, coordination and mental processing capacity.

Moving Meditation Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Links Horizontal – Vertical

o expand our capacity and to clarify our movements, we can connect each position in one pattern to each one of the positions in the other pattern.

Moving Meditation Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Transquarters – skipping one position

Change in the order of arm movements so that instead of going from 1 to 2, you skip 2 and go directly to 3.

Moving Meditation Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Arms and Legs

Increase the level of complexity by adding movement of the leg while you move your arms.

Moving Meditation Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Arms and Legs with Movement in 3D space

When combining arm and leg movements because effortless and fluid, consider adding movement in 3D space to keep your focus and coordination expanding.

Yoga for Improving Joint Flexibility

This 30 minute practice is focused on enhancing joint flexibility through awareness and regulation of movement. This practice of yoga asanas also helps us explore connections between different joints.

11 Steps to Learn to Meditate

11 simple steps to help us establish a meditation practice. (Details on the 11 Steps to Learn Meditation)

Chair Yoga

Complete yoga asana practice in a chair to expand perspective and clarify interrelationships between body parts and joint actions.

Introduction to Meditation in 5 minutes

A very simple approach to meditation.

10 minute meditation for calmness and peace of mind

Enjoy this 10 minute meditation observing the flow of a gentle breeze on a water lily pond.

Relaxing practice for overall flexibility (1 hour)

Complete yoga practice including exploration of full range of movement in various joints in the limbs and in spinal column. This sequence is also directed to notice relationships between different body structures, arms, legs, shoulder girdle, hip girdle, legs and spine. Includes guided breathing and brief meditation.

Simple being – Backyard meditation (5 minutes)

Sit back, relax and take a break for your busy life to recharge and energize.

Yoga for every body 1 hour

Enjoy this hour long practice focused on releasing tension from all your joints, improving mobility and enhancing circulation. Very relaxing and easy.

Yoga for shoulders and hips 21 min

A simple and enjoyable practice to enhance mobility of shoulders and hips.

Shoulders and hips continued 25 minutes

Exploring the connections between shoulders, hips and spine.

Yoga for balance, coordination and effective breathing 49 minutes

This is a very simple and effective way to enhance coordination and balance.

Simple Standing Practice 35 min

This is a simple practice that helps with leg strength and balance. It also includes a breathing section to make the breathing process more efficient and relaxed.