The Practice and Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a journey to the depths of inner stillness and clarity. Emerging research suggests that meditation can offer benefits at the physical, cognitive and emotional levels for people who practice with some regularity. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of meditation is that through meditation we gain a better understanding of ourselves. As a result, we empower ourselves to establish a more meaningful relationship with ourselves and with others.

Simple Meditations CD Cover

What You Will Discover

  • A concise introduction to Meditation
  • Useful suggestions to help you enjoy practicing
  • Simple and effective techniques that anybody can use
  • A relaxing approach to meditation
  • Effortless pace that is easy to follow
  • A complete progressive practice combining 6 different techniques
  • Flexibility to use each track individually
  • 15+ possible combinations of tracks to customize your practice to your needs and time availability

Progressive Journey Toward Joy

7 Soundtracks Included

  • Introduction & Suggestions – Learn how to make your meditation practice fluid and effortless.
  • Relax – Feel completely relaxed and at ease through this guided body scan that moves your awareness through your whole body.
  • Breathing – Increase your concentration by connecting to the power of your breath and its effects in different areas of the body.
  • Expanded Breathing – Deepen your focus by enhancing the depth and quality of your inhalations and exhalations while also gaining a greater understanding of your own breath.
  • Bija – Clear your mind through the vibrations of your own voice chanting the seed (Bija) sounds at each one of the 6 lower chakras: Root (Muladhara), Sacral (Svadhishthana), Solar Plexus (Manipura), Heart (Anahata), Throat (Vishuddha), Third Eye (Ajña)
  • AUM – Enjoy immersing yourself into deeper inner silence through a gradual progression of chanting the eternal sound AUM (ॐ)
  • Bowls – Savor the deep peace and stillness conveyed by the harmonious and relaxing sound of Tibetan bowls.


Time Tested Practices

For over 20 years I have been a dedicated student of meditation. I still practice meditation every day, because I like it, I enjoy it, and most importantly, because meditation contributes to make all aspects of my life better. Meditation is the most effective tool I have found to show up to my own life every day with a positive attitude and ready to make my presence in the world count.

This meditation CD is the result of a dedicated daily practice and of working with many students since 2005. The meditation techniques in this CD provide effective ways to establish your own enjoyable and sustainable meditation practice.

As for many practitioners in the past, I hope that you will enjoy how the practices unfold gradually from relaxation to breathing and deeper into more subtle ways of exploring your internal landscapes.

All my gratitude goes to all the students who over the years have taught me so much about meditation. I would also like to acknowledge the tremendous debt I feel towards my favorite musicians, my sister Adriana Vásquez and her husband Carlos Taboada for their invaluable work and support in recording, editing, mixing and producing this CD. Thanks should also be extended to Felipe López for mastering the final version. Finally, without the unwavering love and support of my brilliant wife, Camilla, my meditation journey would have never unfolded as nicely as it has.

The Simple Meditations CD gives you the flexibility to choose from different tracks to be used individually, in a variety of combinations or as a complete meditation journey unfolding progressively from the outer body to the depths of your inner self.