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Unravel The Thread Book For more than 20 years I have been studying, practicing and teaching yoga because it works. For me, yoga is the most complete and effective system for cultivating presence and living a meaningful life. (I am aware that there are other systems out there, but yoga is the one that has worked the best for me). Experiencing the benefits of yoga personally is what inspires, motivates and energizes me to dedicate my life to making yoga available for the benefit of others.

Simple Yoga and Unravel the Thread is a labor of love. I create all of the content, including the writing, the photographs, the chants and the videos. I record, edit and publish the podcast. I also do all the translations. Moreover, I am the person who manages and updates the website. Often friends, students and colleagues recognize how much work is involved. This is in addition to my regular yoga teaching schedule and my own practice and dedicated study. Yes, it is a lot of work. And I do it with joy and enthusiasm. As you can imagine, all of it requires, energy, time, resources and money.

If you find these resources useful and valuable, you can contribute to keep the website, blog, podcast and videos up and running. Your support to Simple Yoga and Unravel the Thread contributes at three levels: First, you help me continue learning, growing and sharing. Second, you help keep these resources available for you and others (in both English and Spanish). And third, you cultivate your generosity which is the gift that keeps on giving because generosity enhances your health, increases your happiness, reduces your stress, helps you feel connected to others and may be linked to a longer life.

You may click on the button below to proceed to a page were you can donate whatever amount of money you consider appropriate. (If you prefer, you may use PayPal or Venmo). Thank you!

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