Articles on the sutras in chapter three, Magnificence (vibhuti), of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

September 1, 2021

3.16 Knowing past and future

Yoga Sutra 3.16 Knowing past and future Integrative meditation on the three dimensions of change Is it possible that samyama reveals the past and future of the objects you meditate upon? What happens when you meditate on the changes of your own being? Where does time manifest in your own being? And where does timelessness manifest in you?
August 21, 2021

3.15 Perception of changes

Yoga Sutra 3.15 Perception of changes Are you aware of the sequence of the stages of manifestation? Are you witnessing reality without assumptions or expectations? What happens when you choose to focus on the perceptual characteristics of everything around you and within you? At what levels of your being (physical, physiological, conceptual and emotional) are there perceptible changes?
August 19, 2021

The book Unravel the Thread is now available

Namaste!Very happy to announce that the book “Unravel the Thread: Applying the ancient wisdom of yoga to live a happy life” is now available. It is […]
August 17, 2021

3.14 Essence and characteristics

Yoga Sutra 3.14 Essence and characteristics. The world is real and every object has an underlying essence. Does the essence of an object exist as a pure idea somewhere beyond physical reality? Or, is that essence purely physical? In that case, does the essence of something relate to its DNA? Or, does the essence of an object manifest as a result of the interaction between awareness and the natural world? If your ways of being change continually, who is noticing these changes?
August 9, 2021

3.13 Changes in properties, characteristics and states

Yoga Sutra 3.13 Changes in properties, characteristics and states Tuning into the changes in your senses, external world and inner life. Everything that exists, including you and your internal world, manifests along those three dimensions: properties, characteristics, and condition.Can you notice the changes in the characteristics of your physical body over time? Can you tell that your ideas and thoughts have changed? Are you aware of how your emotions change as well as why?
August 1, 2021

3.12 Transformation of unification

Yoga Sutra 3.12 Transformation of unification The illusion of fragmentation disappears Can you start seeing everybody as your brother or sister? Can you relate to life as something you are deeply embedded in? Can you recognize that you are an individual manifestation of awareness in life?
July 23, 2021

3.11 Transformation toward integration

Yoga Sutra 3.11 Transformation toward integration Releasing internal commentary and identification with externalities Are you being with what is happening without placing conditions? What is the actual experience of awareness of your own perceptions? When you have less judgments and opinions, what is the quality of your participation in your own life?
July 23, 2021

3.10 Inner Silence Expands

Yoga Sutra 3.10 Inner Silence Expands Peaceful impressions contribute to expanding inner silence. Is being more aware of your tendencies motivating you to cultivate helpful tendencies? How are you cultivating greater peace in your outer and inner life? What are the effects of your practice, a tendency towards greater harmony or disharmony?
July 15, 2021

3.9 Towards inner silence

Yoga Sutra 3.9 Towards inner silence A transformation of body, mind and senses. Gravitating towards personified consciousness. Do you notice a change in your attitude, mood, distraction, and inner environment? Do you complain more or less than before? Are you more willing to participate in all aspects of your life with kindness and compassion?