August 29, 2022

Video to relax spinal column

Easy yoga sequence to relax the whole spinal column, neck, rib cage and lumbar spine
August 27, 2022

Video yoga for low back and hip relaxation

Easy yoga sequence to relax the lower back and hips
August 25, 2022

Video yoga to relax chest and rib cage

Yoga sequence for rib cage chest and back relaxation
August 23, 2022

Video yoga to relax shoulders

Easy yoga sequence to relax shoulders
August 21, 2022

FREE Video yoga sequence for spinal alignment

Free video easy yoga sequence to align the spine
August 19, 2022

Video Yoga for neck relaxation

Yoga sequence for neck relaxation
August 16, 2022

Free Video yoga for daily spinal maintenance

Easy yoga sequence to keep your spine healthy
March 13, 2019

Dance of Shiva: Transquarter

Namaste,One of the excellent features of the Dance of Shiva is that with just four positions in each pattern it is still possible to create many […]
February 7, 2019

Smart and Enjoyable Yoga Practice

One idea that makes a difference in your practice and in its effects is to use the practice as a way to give your body an […]