April 5, 2021

2.51 Breath beyond regulation

Yoga Sutra 2.51 Breath beyond regulation Deep connection with the subtleties of breath and vital energy What happens to your breath when your mind is absorbed in something fascinating? What happens when you try to lengthen your breath with consistency? What happens when you shorten your breathing to its minimum level?
March 29, 2021

2.50 Systematic long and subtle breathing

Yoga Sutra 2.50 Systematic long and subtle breathing Observe your breath according to location, duration and count. What is the duration of your natural, involuntary inhalation? How does it compare to the duration of your natural exhalation? Is there a brief pause during the transitions between exhalation and inhalation? Can you direct your breath to move the lower torso, mid torso and upper torso?
March 25, 2021

2.49 Pranayama: Breath regulation

Yoga Sutra 2.49 Pranayama: Breath regulation Pranayama enhances sensitivity and reduces inefficiencies What is your level of awareness of your respiratory system? What moves in your body when you breathe? Do you hold your breath involuntarily? What are the connections between breath, activity, mind and emotions?
March 18, 2021

2.48 Beyond dualities

Yoga Sutra 2.48 Beyond dualities How do you feel after your asana practice? What are the dualities that influence your understanding? To what extent are I and not I useful categories for enhancing the quality of your life? What is the relationship between dualities and preferences in your life?
March 11, 2021

2.47 Releasing struggle and endless integration

Yoga Sutra 2.47 Releasing struggle and endless integration Are struggles and distractions sources of inefficiencies? What are the sources of your struggles when you practice asana? Are your struggles a symptom of your assumptions and expectations? What is your relationship to time in your practice? Can your asana and vinyasa practice be a timeless abiding in contemplative presence?
March 5, 2021

2.46 Steady and joyful posture

Yoga Sutra 2.46 Steady and joyful posture Asana is living in knowledge and meditation, empty of distractions, free of likes and dislikes. Asana is striking a balance between steadiness and joy. Is there any strain, struggle or self-judgement in your physical yoga practice? How do you ensure that you are balancing your strength, flexibility, and relaxation?
February 22, 2021

2.45 Effects of humility (ishvara pranidhana)

Yoga Sutra 2.45 Effects of humility (ishvara pranidhana) What happens when you recognize that you are not in charge of the Universe? How do you relate to what is beyond your control? Are you aware of the limits of your understanding? What attitudes are more conducive to attracting insight? Do you take credit for the insights you have received?
February 16, 2021

2.44 Effects of wisdom (svadhyaya)

Yoga Sutra 2.44 Effects of wisdom (svadhyaya) How are you studying yourself and true wisdom? For you what is life? Where do you find wisdom? How do you recognize true wisdom? Do you really know yourself? What does Supreme Being mean to you?
February 10, 2021

2.43 Effects of enthusiasm (tapas)

Yoga Sutra 2.43 Effects of enthusiasm (tapas) How do you express your energy, commitment and enthusiasm? Tapas is a process of self-regulation. Are you aware of your patterns in movement, posture, breathing, thought, and emotions? Which patterns contribute to enliven your outlook and the overall tone of your feelings? Which don’t?