October 4, 2019

1.27 & 1.28 Supreme Being, OM, Chanting and Meditation

Yoga Sutras 1.27 & 1.28 Supreme Being, OM, Chanting and meditation The ॐ symbol and practice to reflect on Supreme Being Practice for embodying the path of ishvara pranidhana, the wholehearted cultivation of humility by repeating the syllable OM and contemplating its deep meaning. The repetition is a reminder of your interest, motivation and awareness. Feel the sensations before, during and after each chant. As you chant open yourself up to the mind transcending meaning of Supreme Being.
September 27, 2019

1.26 Unconditioned by time and unequaled teacher

Yoga Sutra 1.26 Unconditioned by time and unequaled teacher Are you making yourself available to life? Does your yoga practice transport you into the eternal present moment? Have you found ways to enter the timelessness dimension of life? Are you tuned into your own learning process? Do you know how you learn best? If you keep running against the same obstacles again and again, are you making conscious choices or are your likes and dislikes choosing for you?
September 20, 2019

1.25 Unsurpassed seed of omniscience

Yoga Sutra 1.25: Unsurpassed seed of omniscience Is all-encompassing, pervasive awareness possible? If you ever get subtle helpful hints that provide insight or clarity, where do these hints come from? How do you actually perceive them? How do you distinguish between an idea and true insight?
September 14, 2019

1.24 Unaffected by afflictions, actions or effects

Yoga Sutra 1.24: Unaffected by afflictions, actions or effects Is there anything not influenced by obstacles, actions or their effects? Notice if you are affected by pain, action, consequences and their impressions. Is it possible for you to deactivate the buttons that trigger your pain and reactivity? Can you be open to the possibility that there may be something, some aspect of existence, that remains free of influence from these factors?
September 6, 2019

1.23 Surrender the illusion of control

Yoga Sutra 1.23: Surrender the illusion of control Gain a deeper perspective This verse invites you to recognize that you did not create yourself, or the Universe and, despite whatever you may believe, you are not in control of the world. Gaining a more accurate understanding of you and your sphere of influence can be an effective way of redirecting your energy to act effectively in the world according to your capacity, level of skill, ability and scope. Is there anything that offers you a sense of unconditional support, encouragement and hope?
September 1, 2019

1.21 and 1.22 Commitment and intensity

Yoga Sutras 1.21 and 1.22: Commitment and intensity Consistent commitment and smart regulation of intensity The results of your practice are proportional to your commitment and the intensity of your practice. Knowing your tendencies and having a clear goal can help you find the level of intensity that will make the process enjoyable and sustainable. To what extent is there a sense of urgency in you to practice because your practice enables you to participate fully in each irreplaceable moment of your life? Is your practice balanced and balancing?
August 25, 2019

1.20 Progression to wisdom

Yoga Sutra 1.20: Progression to wisdom Faith, vitality, memory, evenness and wisdom Gradual process from trust that generates confidence and enthusiasm to stay focused on the goal of the journey. Memory helps to stay on the path and gradually the mind settles. Then, it is more likely to notice insights and wisdom arising. How are you cultivating your trust and confidence? Are you energized by your life choices?
August 15, 2019

1.19 Beyond subtle integration

Yoga Sutra 1.19: Beyond Subtle Integration Relationship to your body and disembodiment The counterbalance and complement between life and conscience. Do you identify with your body? Do you identify with your beliefs? What happens when you explore disembodiment?
August 10, 2019

1.18 Integration beyond higher wisdom

Yoga Sutra 1.18: Integration beyond higher wisdom Inner stillness and silence with some impressions remaining As your inner silence increases are you noticing some patterns in the thoughts, memories and ideas disrupting that silence? What has left strong impressions in you? How do those impressions influence your decisions and behavior? Are you at peace with your past?