February 27, 2020

1.42 Integration with reasoning

Yoga Sutra 1.42 Integration with reasoning First stage of integration, savitarka samadhi Once there are no distractions, awareness is filled by the focal object, its name and its meaning. This is the beginning of integration (samadhi).
February 27, 2020

1.41 Pure as a crystal

Yoga Sutra 1.41 Pure as a crystal Yielding, giving way and coming together (sammapatti) At the threshold of integration. Letting go of internal commentary and reactivity. What is coloring your experiences? Is it possible to perceive without distortions? If some distractions remain, are they connected to who you think you are, used to be or should be?
February 27, 2020

1.40 Insight from smallest to largest

Yoga Sutra 1.40 Insight from smallest to largest Progression of insight towards liberation What are the filters you use to interpret what you perceive? What happens when you set aside your usual ways of seeing the world? What happens when your attention is not directed in many different directions? What is the biggest thing you can focus on? What is the smallest thing you can focus on?
February 26, 2020

1.39 Focus on anything uplifting

Yoga Sutra 1.39 Or, by focusing on anything uplifting Are you inspired? Are you dedicating your energy and awareness to something uplifting? How does inspiration feel? Are you cultivating inspiring thoughts, intentions, actions and interactions in your daily life? Is it possible to find inspiration in everything you do?
February 26, 2020

1.38 Insight from dreams

Yoga Sutra 1.38 Insight from dreams What can you learn from your dreams? Is dreaming a way to make sense of your own life story? Do dreams show you the influence of your thoughts, actions and interactions? As your inner calmness grows, what subconscious impressions linger in you?
February 26, 2020

1.37 Focus on serenity beyond desire

Yoga Sutra 1.37 Focus on serenity beyond desire Are you in touch with your deep inner calm? Cultivating inner tranquility. What makes you forget your inner peace? Are your desires contributing to enhance your internal harmony? What inspires you? Who can serve as an example of profound serenity?
February 26, 2020

1.36 Cultivating the inner light

Yoga Sutra 1.36 Cultivating the inner light Are you conscious of your inner light? What might be covering your inner light? To what extent is it possible for you to connect to your inner light? What happens when you try gazing at a candle flame (trataka)? Can joyful thoughts ignite your inner light? Is gratitude effective in re-connecting to your inner light?
November 23, 2019

1.35 Focus on subtle sense perceptions

Yoga Sutra 1.35 Subtle Sensations Focus Eliminate distractions by focusing on subtle sense perceptions Develop sensitivity to focus your senses instead of chasing after sensory stimuli. Internal exploration through direct experience. What do you notice? Where does your awareness go as subtle impressions dissolve?
November 16, 2019

1.34 By exhalations and breath retentions

Yoga Sutra 1.34 Focus on exhalations and breath retentions Your breath as a focal point Tuning into your breathing patterns as a direct portal to presence. Invite your attention inwardly and establish an intimate connection with your respiratory processes. Are there differences between the qualities of your breath when you regulate it and when your body breathes naturally? What happens at the intersections between each in-breath and out-breath?