August 4, 2019

1.17: Progression to deep integration

Yoga Sutra 1.17: Progression to deep integration Gradually refining your awareness As a result of practice and detachment, distractions decrease and concentration can move organically to greater levels of subtlety from reflection, to contemplation, to elation and to deep inner stillness. What is the subtlest aspects of you?
July 28, 2019

1.16: Awareness of Truth

Yoga Sutra 1.16: Awareness of Truth Setting all distractions aside It is possible to stop chasing after sensations, thoughts and emotions. What is not temporary? Is there anything that lasts? When you contemplate impermanence, do you notice any changes in your mood, thoughts and actions? What is the background of all of life?
July 20, 2019

1.15: Releasing attachments

Yoga Sutra 1.15: Releasing attachments Complementing practice with freedom from grasping What are the sources of distraction for me at home, at work, in my yoga practice and in my interactions with others? What do I crave? What are the expectations, beliefs and habits I am attached to? Do I have a healthy relationship with whatever comes into my life? Am I trying to control the world outside? Do I have to have an opinion about everything? Am I entertaining myself by making up stories about everything I am experiencing? Can it be enough to just feel what is happening with clarity?
July 13, 2019

1.14 Firmly rooted practice

Yoga Sutra 1.14: Firmly rooted practice Making your yoga practice consistent Is your practice without interruptions? Are you doing your best effort? Do your actions reflect your intention? Are you acting with joyful curiosity or with ambition? What are the qualities of your actions? Are your actions validated by true knowledge? Since it is probable you will get distracted, for an instant, a few minutes, hours, days, months or years; remember to keep returning to your intention without strain, struggle or self-judgment and with a gentle smile.
July 7, 2019

1.13: Practice: Deliberate intention

Yoga Sutra 1.13: Practice: Deliberate intention Setting a meaningful intention to guide your practice What are your commitments? Are your commitments aligned with your heartfelt purpose? What do you allocate energy and time to? What is your goal for your yoga practice? How is that goal similar to or different from the goals you have for your life?
July 1, 2019

1.12: Practice and Release

Yoga Sutra 1.12: Practice and Release Method for decreasing ways of being Integrating the complementary aspects of Being and Doing to create a dynamic equilibrium that brings about harmony within and without.
May 6, 2019

1.11 Memory

Yoga Sutra 1.11: Memory How do my memories influence my ability to be present? Is my attitude old or young? What is my relationship to my memories? Are some of my memories charged with unresolved emotions? Can I make peace with my memories?
May 4, 2019

1.10 Sleep

Yoga Sutra 1.10: Sleep How does my sleep contribute to my ability to be present? Are there differences between dreaming and deep sleep? What are the relationships between my activities and the quality of my sleep? What is active during my sleep?
April 28, 2019

1.9 Imagination

Yoga Sutra 1.9: Imagination Do my thoughts contribute to the quality of my participation in my life? What are the stories in my head? What is the role of the stories I create? Is my imagination contributing to my presence? Does my imagination distract me from my life?