December 1, 2020

2:32 Niyamas: Humility – ishvara pranidhana

Yoga Sutra 2:32 Niyamas: Humility - ishvara pranidhana What happens when you set aside the illusion of control? Do you have complete command of your own body, mind, or emotions? What are the chances that you may be able to control the world outside of you? How do you respond to what cannot be changed or controlled?
November 8, 2020

2.32 Niyamas: Wisdom – svadhyaya

Yoga Sutra 2.32 Niyamas: Wisdom - svadhyaya How well do you know yourself? Wisdom, understood as pure common sense, is instrumental to your most important duty: your wholehearted and open-minded participation in life’s perfection. How do your tendencies influence the quality of your life?
November 2, 2020

2.32 Niyamas: Enthusiasm – tapas

Yoga Sutra 2.32 Niyamas: Enthusiasm - tapas Tapas is an invitation to participate in every moment with passion and motivation. Tapas is the fire that helps us overcome our tendency to predict and to assume that we already know what will happen. Tapas is also the heat resulting from the friction or going against the grain of our habits. Concentration, another meaning of tapas, is necessary to notice if your habits are useful or harmful.
November 2, 2020

2.32 Niyamas: Contentment – samtosha

Yoga Sutra 2.32 Niyamas: Contentment - samtosha Do you find reasons to complain, or reasons to be content? What conditions are you putting on yourself, your life and others? What do you need in order to feel happy? Can the practice of gratitude open a door to contentment?
October 23, 2020

2.32 Niyamas: Clarity – shaucha

Yoga Sutra 2.32 Niyamas: Clarity - shaucha Clarity (shaucha), Contentment (santosha), Enthusiasm (tapas), Wisdom (svadhyaya) and Humility (ishvara pranidhana) Are there any sensations, thoughts and emotions that indicate you are aligning with purity in your choices, actions and interactions? When you pay attention to the results of your actions is there anything in the results indicating the purity of your motivation?
October 13, 2020

2:30 Yamas: Abundance and simplicity – aparigraha

Yoga Sutra 2:30 Yamas: Abundance and simplicity - aparigraha The fact that you are alive confirms that at every point in your life, whatever you needed to move forward was within your reach. How much do I really need? To what extent does what I have contribute to enhance the quality of my life? What level of maintenance do my possessions require? Do I own what I have or does what I have own me? To what extent am I cultivating simplicity in my life?
October 5, 2020

2.30 Yamas: Curiosity and reverence for life (brahmacharya)

Yoga Sutra 2.30 Yamas: Curiosity and reverence for life (brahmacharya) Studying the mystery of existence, honoring the absolute and following supreme wisdom. Brahmacharya is an invitation to become one with the life force all around you. How am I cultivating life affirming thoughts, attitudes, actions and interactio
September 21, 2020

2.30 Yamas – Integrity (Satya)

Yoga Sutra 2.30 Yama Integrity (Satya) Satya is being whole in your thoughts, intentions, movements, words, actions and interactions. What is your true nature? How do you honor your true nature in your thoughts, words, actions and interactions? What type of activities are most conducive to connecting to your wholeness in mind, heart and body?
September 12, 2020

2.30 & 2.31 The Yamas, wise ways for removing strain

Yoga Sutras 2.30 & 2.31 The Yamas, wise ways of reducing tension Love, Integrity, Fairness and Generosity, Curiosity and Reverence for Life, Abundance and Simplicity. A great universal vow to appreciate and honor the interdependent nature of life in all forms and manifestations. Every tiny step towards applying the yamas, creates the opportunity to see yourself and the world around you in a new light and through a different lens.