September 25, 2021

3.21 and 3.22 Samyama and invisibility

Yoga Sutras 3.21 and 3.22 Samyama and invisibility To what extent do your actions generate more turbulence in the world? What are the footprints you are leaving with your thoughts, intentions, actions, and interactions? What are the sources of interference in your life? Is it possible for you to act without attracting attention? This is an excerpt from the book Unravel the Thread available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
September 18, 2021

3.19 and 3.20 Samyama on gestures and actions

Yoga Sutra 3.19 and 3.20 Samyama on gestures and actions. Inner state of a person but not its cause. What do you learn when you focus on a person's gestures, actions, and behavior? Will it be possible to find ways to interact with others with compassion and awareness? You can get your copy of the book Unravel the Thread at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
September 12, 2021

3.18 Samyama on impressions (samskaras)

Yoga Sutra 3.18 Samyama on impressions (samskaras) What do past impressions reveal to you? What are the effects of impressions left by previous events in your mind, body, attitude, emotions, intentions, choices, actions and interactions?
September 4, 2021

3.17 Samyama for Deep communication

Yoga Sutra 3.17 Samyama for Deep communication Are you clear on the differences between word, object and concept? Do some concepts , ideas and beliefs interferece with your ability to communicate clearly? When you listen, are you listening with an attentive and open mind and an open heart?
September 1, 2021

3.16 Knowing past and future

Yoga Sutra 3.16 Knowing past and future Integrative meditation on the three dimensions of change Is it possible that samyama reveals the past and future of the objects you meditate upon? What happens when you meditate on the changes of your own being? Where does time manifest in your own being? And where does timelessness manifest in you?
August 21, 2021

3.15 Perception of changes

Yoga Sutra 3.15 Perception of changes Are you aware of the sequence of the stages of manifestation? Are you witnessing reality without assumptions or expectations? What happens when you choose to focus on the perceptual characteristics of everything around you and within you? At what levels of your being (physical, physiological, conceptual and emotional) are there perceptible changes?
August 21, 2021

Join us for Yoga in Tuscany 2022

I am looking forward to being in beautiful Tuscany between May 21 and 28, 2022. Moving forward with a hopeful attitude 🙂
August 19, 2021

The book Unravel the Thread is now available

Namaste!Very happy to announce that the book “Unravel the Thread: Applying the ancient wisdom of yoga to live a happy life” is now available. It is […]
August 17, 2021

3.14 Essence and characteristics

Yoga Sutra 3.14 Essence and characteristics. The world is real and every object has an underlying essence. Does the essence of an object exist as a pure idea somewhere beyond physical reality? Or, is that essence purely physical? In that case, does the essence of something relate to its DNA? Or, does the essence of an object manifest as a result of the interaction between awareness and the natural world? If your ways of being change continually, who is noticing these changes?