August 23, 2020

2.27 Liberation unfolds in seven stages

2.27 Liberation unfolds in seven stages Steps that lead to integration (samadhi) Notice suffering. Identify causes of suffering. Reduce distractions. Internal climate of clarity. Everything leads to liberation. Disinterest in manipulating the forces of nature. Effortless harmony.
August 15, 2020

2.26 Uninterrupted discriminative awareness

Yoga Sutra 2.26 Uninterrupted discriminative awareness Noticing the fundamental difference between being and doing The person established in discriminative awareness recognizes the fundamental difference between living in harmony with the perfection of life on the one hand, and living in the stories in his head, on the other. Can you set your intention to abide in awareness?
August 7, 2020

2.25 Freedom by removing confusion

Yoga Sutra 2.25 Freedom by removing confusion The relationship between consciousness, experiences and awareness In your daily activities, do you tend to identify more with your sensations or with your ability to witness? Are your ways of moving and breathing liberating or restrictive? Are your interactions informed by your awareness or by your experiences?
August 4, 2020

2.24 Identifying with experiences is confusion

Yoga Sutra 2.24 Identifying with experiences is confusion How do you clarify the difference between your experiences and your awareness? When you believe that you are your experiences, your stories and your body you live in confusing leading you to a never-ending cycle of suffering and afflictions.
July 27, 2020

2.23 Differentiate permanent from impermanent

Yoga Sutra 2.23 Differentiate permanent from impermanent How are awareness and experiences interacting in your life? Awareness and experiences come together to clarify the distinction between what is enduring and what is temporary. How do you decide what is worth your attention, time and energy? What in you is permanent? What in you is impermanent?
July 18, 2020

2.22 The world is real

Yoga Sutra 2.22 The world is real What is the relationship between world, experiences and awareness? What is the role of your experiences? How do you participate in the world? What is your relationship to what you experiences? Who is experiencing?
July 12, 2020

2.21 Experiences for the benefit of the Seer

Yoga Sutra 2.21 Experiences benefit the Seer What is the raison d'être of experiences? The relationship between consciousness and experiences. You may choose between two distinct options: identifying with your experiences; or releasing all identification and choosing to experience directly the spaciousness, stillness and silence of pure awareness.
July 3, 2020

2.20 Witness

Yoga Sutra 2.20 Witness The ability to witness experiences in their endless changes. How are you cultivating your presence? Are you aware of the space, the stillness and the silence in which all your experiences take place? What happens when you choose to immerse yourself fully in the pause, silence and stillness?
June 22, 2020

2.19 States of manifestation

Yoga Sutra 2.19 States of manifestation From unmanifest to manifesto to subtle to apparent Where do your ideas originate and how do they become your actions in the world? Are you aware of the states of manifestation of life all around you? What happens when you examine anything through these lenses of apparent, subtle, manifest and unmanifest? What do you discover?